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Upper Back And Neck Pain Treatment

August 31st, 2010

Pain in the upper back and neck is not a permanent condition. This article throws light on the upper back and neck pain treatment to stop this pain in time.

We lead a fast and complicated life style. Due to the advancement in science and technology, our lives have become mechanical. Long hours of work, long distances to commute are all parts and parcels of our lives today. Pizzas and fast food is all that we eat instead of a balanced diet. It is not surprising, hence, that we suffer from far more health problems than necessary. Upper back and neck pain is a one of the several side effects of this complex life. However, this back pain is not considered as a serious health problem, if treated on time. But the person suffers from a lot of pain and constant neck pain causes discomfort. Hence, upper back and neck pain treatment is important. Timely treatment will also avoid complications.

Our life style doesn’t demand the complete use of all our muscles. Upper back and neck muscles are also not completely utilized the way they should. This makes our muscles weak and weak muscles pain due to the shortage of blood supply. Bad sitting and walking postures are responsible for severe upper back pain. These postures cause wear and tear of our muscles and ligaments and this also causes us pain.

Upper Back and Neck Pain Symptoms

Stiffness – you will find that you are unable to move your back and neck a lot due to stiffness. This stiffness results in restricted movements of the shoulders and neck.

Pain – depending upon the severity of the muscle strain in your upper back and neck, you will find that you suffer from local to radiating pain in your upper back. Also, you might get the sensation of stabbing pain or stiff neck pain, in these areas.

Irritation – whenever you try to use your neck and upper back muscles, you will find irritation in those muscles. This irritation causes back pain between shoulder blades and restricts your movements.

Weakness – due to the lack of use of the muscles, there is a shortage of blood supply to the neck and shoulder area. Muscles become weak due to lack of blood. This also causes pain when the muscles are used.

Muscle Spasms – whenthe stiffness increases in the back, you experience shoulder pain and neck pain due to muscle spasms too.

Upper Back and Neck Pain Exercises

There are several exercises for shoulder and neck pain relief. These exercises will reduce the stiffness in these muscles will increase the blood flow in them thereby reducing their pain. Exercise is the best upper back and neck pain treatment. The below mentioned exercises will help you.

Loosen Up – Do some basic warm up exercises like neck shrugs and shoulder shrugs to relieve your stiff muscles.

Cervical Spine Exercises – In order to strengthen the back muscles and the neck muscles, cervical spine exercises are needed to be done regularly. They increase the mobility of these muscles and this relieves the pain in the muscles.

Stretches – Stretching relieves the cramped muscles. Regularly doing the stretches for back pain will gradually eliminate the upper back and neck pain.

Upper Back Pain Exercises – As mentioned above, exercise is the one upper back and neck pain treatment that can help you get rid of this discomfort. There are several upper back pain exercises that can eliminate the pain completely.

Upper Back and Neck Pain Relief

There are several relieve measures for the burning upper back pain and neck pain. You can control the pain by getting regular massages by an expert. Each hour, you can provide some gentle massage to the suffering area and get some relief. Improving your posture is also a way to reduce this back pain. There are several special mattress for back and neck pain that will help you overcome the back pain at night, enabling you to sleep peacefully.

You might suffer from right side back pain or left side back pain or your entire back might cause you a lot of pain. Treating this pain in time is necessary to avoid severe conditions like arthritis. If the pain becomes unbearable take some medications on the doctors prescription. Consult your doctor for the right upper back and neck pain treatment and get it treated before it stays with you throughout your life.

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